Gross National Happiness in the Himalayas

Bhutan, 10 Days, $5,800
Summer / Fall

Gross National Happiness in the Himalayas

Bhutan, 10 Days, $5,800, Summer / Fall

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the most culturally rich and ecologically conscious countries in the world. Because of their precedent setting model to manage tourism the country has retained a sense of authenticity that is hard to find in modern times. Even though they have one of the smallest eco-footprints across the globe, as a nation, Bhutan is not only committed to carbon neutrality, they are poised to lead a carbon negative existence. Well known for their adoption of GNH (Gross National Happiness) as opposed to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as an indicator of health for their country and people, this tiny, vibrant nation has much to teach the rest of the world.


Travel to Katmandu, Nepal from the U.S. for a day/night layover, then it's off to Bhutan for a week of cultural immersion. We will be joined by a local Bhutanese liaison while spending time in the country as we visit sacred temples, monasteries, and eat traditional fare. We will trek amongst the mighty Himalayan Mountain Range, interact with locals we meet along our journey, and visit one of the country's wildlife sanctuaries that are internationally famous for connecting the nations densely forested animal habitat. We will take the time to explore the implications of Bhutan's GNH and climate leadership during our trip, and soak in as much as we can from this truly unique corner of the globe.

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