Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic, 12 days, $15,000
Early November

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic, 12 days, $15,000, Early November

This course blends science, history and outdoor leadership with the most wild landscape left on planet Earth. It is a student centered experience with particular focus on ecologically based learning outcomes, personal growth, and reflection.

Students will work with Antarctic specialists abroad their sea vessel to be able to identify a variety of marine life, as well as locate and label various islands, waterways, and land masses of the Antarctic Peninsula. Learners will be able to explain the history associated with the Antarctic Peninsula, including but not limited to human exploration, whaling, and the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 upon completion of the course. Another learning layer will be introduced that focuses on the role the Antarctic plays in global temperature stability, global climate change, as well as understanding how tourism, exploration within the terms of "peace and science", and wilderness protection play regarding future sustainability issues. Students will ground themselves in the experience and narrow in on a character trait with personal goals that relate to their lives and the expedition.

Character traits and outdoor leadership are intertwined in daily excursions from the larger sea adventurer ship to zodiac accessed ski touring, trekking, and wildlife viewing that is unparalleled.

The students will be responsible for writing daily academic and personal reflection entries and will inquire on Socratic inspired discussions nightly based on learner generated questions. Students will collaborate on group interdependence in leadership building skills and activities. They will learn to be acting stewards of the environment in conserving Antarctica and how that relates to other international ecological issues.

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